Thursday, December 8, 2011


Sorry this is several weeks late. Thanksgiving and finals took over.

My fieldwork was spectacular. I learned a ton, my mentor enjoyed teaching, and I got to explore a side of occupational therapy I have never seen. I was part of a substance abuse rehabilitation center that had a very specific population. This was an area I had never heard of occupational therapists being in, but after a week of being there I think occupational therapists should be a part of the recovery program. The main role the occupational therapist had was to lead life skills groups. I was really excited because my research group is implementing life skills groups, and my mentor gave me a lot of tips on life skills groups.

I also got to see documentation for the first time. He let me write several of the notes, and I got to see a few evaluations. Now my experience with real note writing is limited, but from talking to other people note writing in reality is very different than note writing for school. Both convey a breadth of relevant information, but just in different ways. It also seems to vary between settings too.

I wish I could tell you more about my experiences, but I cannot without risking breaking HIPPA. 

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