Saturday, February 25, 2012


On Friday, I implemented my protocol for my mental health class. A protocol is roughly a lesson plan for a group session. My partner and I had to implement a session about time management for a group of OT grad students. Some of the grad students were given dysfunctions, such as being hung-over, fatigued, or having a song stuck in their head that we had to deal with. Our session went pretty well. We have had the most complicated activity compared to any of the other groups, but I think it was good because it actually challenged the clients. We had a few issues. One was I forgot to restate the goal of the activity right before I gave the directions. It was stated at the intro and the conclusion, but it should also be stated right before the activity. We could have also used other clients to help the clients that were having issues instead of just using ourselves. Our discussion at the end was very stilted because we just went around in a circle, which means people knew when it was their turn and tuned out otherwise. Many things went well though. We successfully integrated the previous sessions into our session, and our opening activity was a big hit. We had a blow-up chicken with get to know you questions on it that was passed around. I would say overall it was a success.

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