Saturday, May 28, 2011

R-Word Commercial

This commercial has been shown on t.v. a few times and is getting a lot of hype on the internet. I really think it is teaching an important lesson. Often times people forget that their words are hurtful when they pertain to things other that they have not personally experienced. Often times words seem to be a simple jab or just bantering. A good reminder to everybody to use their filter and to advocate against the use of these words and others.

As I was finally getting around to posting this I read the comments. Many people felt that this PSA was trying to infringe on their first amendment's right to speak freely. I take the position that the word should not be banned or bleeped, but it should be used carefully in the correct context (not that there is necessarily a correct context). To me this commercial reminds me to be aware to not say I am a retard when I do something dumb or say I am ADHD when I can't concentrate and to not let those around me get away with it either.

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