Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Swim Team

This past Sunday was the swim meet for the group I work with. It was amazing and crazy. The girl I focus on most of the time won first place in her race. I was so proud of her. Most of the kids still don't get the concept of jumping at Go. Also, a few of the kids that had practiced diving would not at the race even though they could. I realize it is overwhelming to be at the swim meet, and it is a different environment than they are used to, but it is frustrating when they are not showing me their best. One of the kids had a melt down because they did not get to keep swimming like they do at practice.

Overall it was a fun experience. It was fun to see the different skill levels and abilities. Some of the kids on different teams I know from different events. It was also fun to see the family members that do not usually come to practice. I'm really sad that I cannot continue to coach the team in the fall. I hear in the fall there are even more swimmers, and the kids would make even more improvements than I saw in one season.

It is the first week of summer and I have been a lazy bum. I have gone to the gym everyday. I hope to get in shape this summer since I don't have any other girls. This week I also have to get together some stuff for school. It is amazing the amount of paperwork required even after you are accepted.

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