Friday, June 24, 2011

Best Technology for Students

So I am excited today to say I have made some major progress of unpacking all the stuff I brought from school to my parents' for the summer and progress repacking it in a way that makes sense. One good thing about having school during the summer is it is one less move for me.

This week I have had some time to clean out the computer and put some things on the hard drive. One of the great programs I love is OneNote. Most people who buy Microsoft Office (yep I am a PC user and proud of it) also have it. This program allows you to cut pictures, text, tables, etc. easily. But my favorite feature is I can create journals with tabs and the tabs can have more tabs. I love having things organized and it is easy to move sections and pages. That is what I hate about actual journals, that it is hard to move stuff around. Often in class I am given the lessons in pieces and then the big picture comes together later, usually after a few lessons. When I see the big picture I often want to move things around. This program would make it easy for that to happen. I would love to use this to keep my school notes, but when I bring my laptop to class I just get too distracted. I see new e-mails or end up working on a different paper or something. I could re-type my notes into the program, but we will see. What I do use the program for is ideas I find on the internet. I find gadgets and activities all over that can be used for occupational therapy or decorating ideas or recipes that I want to keep.

Another great piece of technology to keep track of activities and things is Pintrest. This is a website that allows you to tag items you find from all over the internet and tack them onto a virtual bulletin board. It keeps the original URL, so instead of having an overflowing bookmark folder you can just visit this nifty website. Currently, you have to ask to join, but just submit your e-mail address and you will usually get invited in a week. I also like it because you can follow other people's board or scan the recently pinned items. If you join make sure to follow my OT board!

The last website is a little different. It is Mint. This website can track your spending and create budgets. You may sync up your credit cards and bank accounts. It seems safe and I have been using it for over a year without issue, but always be careful when divulging your information. As a student becoming financially independent for the first time I feel like this website is going to be a tool that will help me stay on track.

On a sidenote, earlier this week I had jury duty. It seems so much cooler on T.V. I did get to start reading again though. My list of books to read is growing quickly as I use Your Next Read. I think most of the recommendations are just based on Amazon's recommendations, but if you join you can create a bookshelf. They have a really cool feature where they take all the books on your bookshelf to make better recommendations. I really love the visual aspect of it.

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