Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I was so excited when @OTNotes on twitter linked to a story about the benefits of hammocks on sleep. Hammocks have always been part of my dream house. When I was little my favorite part of going to the park was the swings. Not to mention that hammocks just reek of summer and relaxation. The story was about a Swiss research project where participants fell asleep faster and had a deeper sleep when they were in a hammock. Unfortunately, the article does not link to the paper or cite it. This is one of my biggest pet peeve when mainstream media reviews journal articles. It makes it really hard for me to delve deeper into the study or critically analyzing it myself. In the comments, some people brought up some of the negatives of sleeping in a hammock especially in the long term.

This week is the 4th of July and I hope you enjoy it. Right after it I have another camp for children with challenges. I still haven't determined what terminology I prefer to designate the population. Any suggestions? It is going to be hot here in Atlanta and if it is anything like this week humid too. This week my goal is to paint my dresser and bookshelf for the new place. I got a high quality coffee table today too. Luckily it is perfect as is. Goodwill is very quickly becoming my favorite store. I better make sure there is one close to where I am moving.

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