Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Babying Teachers

When I volunteer at one of the barns, there are a variety of therapists to talk to about school as well as a student doing her last fieldwork. We were talking during a break in between sessions and they started sharing some of their stories of school. One went to my school, but at a satellite location that I believe have since gone defunct and the other goes to another school in the state. One thing they mentioned was there were a lot of group projects. We are all annoyed by group projects, but understand that they are necessary. Honestly, my collaborating skills could use some improvement, so while this aspect of school will be frustrating at points it will be worth it in the end.

The other thing that was mentioned was that the professors babied the students. This is more worrying because this is not justifiable to me and a personal pet peeve. One of them had skipped a class one day to help a friend study for a neuro test later in the day and the professor called to see where she was. I guess it is nice that the professor cares, but on the other hand I am an adult and if I want to make mistakes that is my choice. There were several other stories told. With group projects there are certain strategies that I can use to problem solve, but with the professors babying the students I don’t know how to improve the experience. Overall I am excited for school to start, but this helps me remember that while it is a dream job there are some tough aspects.

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