Thursday, July 7, 2011

Round-up of Pinterest

So a while back I told you about this cool site Pinterest. I am going to show you some of the hopefully useful ideas I have gathered so far.

Sound Memory

The first one could be use for sensory processing. It is a memory game where Easter eggs or some other containers are filled with different items, such as rice or beads. The child then needs to find the two that are the same. This could also work for turn taking. This was created by a Finnish blog.

Marshmallow Popper

The next idea is originally from the Real Simple magazine, which offers wonderful recipes and organization techniques as well as games to entertain kiddos. The activity that I liked is a mini-marshmallow popper. They took a paper cup and cut out the bottom. Then they took a balloon and cut of the top and attached the bottom half to the cup. The kiddo then pulls on the knot of the balloon and whatever is in the cup pops. I could see popcorn and fake bugs also being good items to put in the cup. This could work on hand strength probably.

Adaptive Silverware

This idea would be a simple improvement for people with arthritis or poor grip in general. It is taking grippy shelf liner and wrapping it around the handle so that it is wider for easier grip and the extra grippyness makes it easier to keep the grip. I lost the original source so if it was you or you know who let me so that they can get credit.

Activity Sticks

Keep Calm and Teach On offered up this concept. She has a basket of activities that her student's will grab from when they get restless. They will perform the activity for 1 minute and then get back to work. On her webpage, she lists the activities she uses for her second grade class. Many of these activities are very appropriate for a pediatric setting. I think with a little work therapists could come up with some good one minute activities for adults and geriatrics.

This week I worked a outdoor special needs camp. The heat here in Georgia is brutal and it shows in the staff and the kiddos. I had a huge breakthrough with a child today that I hope to share with you later this week.

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