Saturday, May 28, 2011

R-Word Commercial

This commercial has been shown on t.v. a few times and is getting a lot of hype on the internet. I really think it is teaching an important lesson. Often times people forget that their words are hurtful when they pertain to things other that they have not personally experienced. Often times words seem to be a simple jab or just bantering. A good reminder to everybody to use their filter and to advocate against the use of these words and others.

As I was finally getting around to posting this I read the comments. Many people felt that this PSA was trying to infringe on their first amendment's right to speak freely. I take the position that the word should not be banned or bleeped, but it should be used carefully in the correct context (not that there is necessarily a correct context). To me this commercial reminds me to be aware to not say I am a retard when I do something dumb or say I am ADHD when I can't concentrate and to not let those around me get away with it either.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Favorite Sites

In celebration of Oprah's final episode I will share some of my favorite blogs. I decided to start an occupational therapy blog because some of the other great blogs out there. When I read them, they got me excited about my upcoming profession. There are a lot of them, and I have only been searching for a couple months. I use Google Reader to help me keep up. I would highly recommend it to anyone otherwise the websites get to overwhelming to stay with them. Here are some my favorite occupational therapy related blogs, and I highly suggest looking at their links to discover more sites:

Belong OT:

This blog started as a student blog and is now a school OT blog. I would highly recommend reading the blog from the beginning. Her blog is very detailed as a student and covers the highs as well as the lows. It has many personal stories, but she also covers her classes and other related OT adventures. Her pride and enthusiasm for occupational therapy is infectious.

Master of Occupational Therapy: My Student Blog:

This is from a second career occupational therapist. She is currently doing Level II fieldwork. She recently posted a wonderful list of things to do to prepare for fieldwork. She also has posts about trips she has taken to different countries and the occupational therapy she observed there.

OT Notes:

This is a blog by a current OT that is updated about sporadically/biweekly. She has worked with may different populations that occupational therapists work with. She also keeps a twitter if that is something you use.


This blog is written by an occupational therapist that practices hippotherapy. Many of the posts include photos and videos that are helpful. Although the activities are meant to be done on a horse they can be adapted to different environments.

M-OT Student:

This is another student blog. It is fairly new compared to some of the others, but it has a nice balance of professional and personal stories.

Putting it into Practice: OT Student Blog:

This is what I consider a metablog. I'm not sure of the actual definition, but I consider anything a metablog that has a wide number of contributors. Several different students contribute on what is going on in their OT learning. Some of the entries are mostly professional, but others offer a personal view on OT school. This is a part of a website called Advance.

The OT Student Perspective:

This is also a blog on the Advance site. This is the blog of a specific student who currently is about to start her Level II fieldwork. She does a weekend program, so if you are curious about the demands of a non-traditional program I would suggest checking it out.

Kids at Thought:

This is not an OT directly related site. This is a website that offers new perspective on how to deal with children. It is surprising how often it leads me to new OT ideas.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jezzabella and Oranges

So since it is summer and slow going for occupational therapy learning I am going to explain a little about this blog I have created. Jezzabella is not my real name. I hate my real name because it is so common. Okay hate is a strong word. There are much worse names. However, by not using my name it makes it harder to use this blog for professional networking. So I kind of mixed it up. If you click to see my whole profile on the sidebar you can send an e-mail to me, which includes my name, but I don't make it easy to find me. Even though it is hard always feel free to click profile and send me an e-mail. I would love to hear your feedback.

Next week is going to busy. My online kinesiology course starts next week. It is only a month long. I hope that I actually retain some of the information and cover the information in enough detail that I am on a equal playing field with everybody else. I am also looking for housing for when occupational therapy school starts. Let's hope I find something decent in my price range.

P.S. The oranges are because orange is my favorite color and the fruit is awaking. They are one of life's simple pleasures to me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Swim Team

This past Sunday was the swim meet for the group I work with. It was amazing and crazy. The girl I focus on most of the time won first place in her race. I was so proud of her. Most of the kids still don't get the concept of jumping at Go. Also, a few of the kids that had practiced diving would not at the race even though they could. I realize it is overwhelming to be at the swim meet, and it is a different environment than they are used to, but it is frustrating when they are not showing me their best. One of the kids had a melt down because they did not get to keep swimming like they do at practice.

Overall it was a fun experience. It was fun to see the different skill levels and abilities. Some of the kids on different teams I know from different events. It was also fun to see the family members that do not usually come to practice. I'm really sad that I cannot continue to coach the team in the fall. I hear in the fall there are even more swimmers, and the kids would make even more improvements than I saw in one season.

It is the first week of summer and I have been a lazy bum. I have gone to the gym everyday. I hope to get in shape this summer since I don't have any other girls. This week I also have to get together some stuff for school. It is amazing the amount of paperwork required even after you are accepted.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Stress

When I am procrastinating from doing work sometimes I will do a Google News search for occupational therapy. A while ago I found a few articles talking about how occupational therapy is one of the lowest stress jobs around. It stated that most job stress is caused by high expectations in the workplace. This got me to thinking do occupational therapists not exert pressure on themselves or do they think failing is okay or does occupational therapy just not have a lot of inherent stress.

When I first thought of occupational therapy it did not seem like a low stress job to me. One is working with individuals that require patience to work with. Quite possibly that is just an issue for me. I am a go, go, go person and I pretty sure one of the hardest parts of this career for me will be sitting on my hands and letting the patient do their occupation without interference. Many of the clients will also have issues communicating. Someone trying to convey a point and me having no idea; that is one of the most frustrating things in the world. However, I do believe there is a difference between frustration and stress. Often the two are inter-tangled, but there is a difference. I think frustration is caused more by when you want to something but you can't, and stress is caused by needing to do something and you can't. Maybe there is more inherent frustration than stress.

One of the reasons I suggest that occupational therapy might not be a high stress environment is because occupational therapists do not exert pressure on themselves. I would say this is a possibility because moving up the ladder is not the way occupational therapist measure accomplishment. However, I believe most occupational therapist have the stress of helping as many people they can without sacrificing their own life. Often an occupational therapist will see patients that run out of insurance, money, or time and they will want to help. However, the therapist still needs to bring a paycheck home and spend time with family or friends or whatever they desire to have a full life. I also believe most occupational therapists exert pressure on themselves to create successful treatments for the clients. I believe occupational therapists exert pressure on themselves, but they do in different ways than other careers focused on upward mobility.

So I have covered my theories of inherent stress, and not exerting pressure, so I guess the final theory to consider is that occupational therapists think it is okay to fail. This may seem like a strange theory, but working in any field there is not a success rate of 100%. In this particular field, full recovery might not be achievable. So not so much that it is it okay to fail, but ok not to succeed. I don't really believe that is the case either because I feel like at least I as an occupational therapist I will want my patients to overshoot their goals if possible. I also think occupational therapy is such a goal setting job that failure would not just be water off the duck's back.

I do feel like one of the reasons that occupational therapy is a low stress job is because high tolerance people take the jobs. Compassionate, patient people take this career path because it is what they believe they are best suited for. This career demands a lot, but people know that going in and self-select. Ok, that was a lot of rambling. I am not saying occupational therapy is a horrible or tremendous job (that is for you to decide), but this was just my thinking process when I read the article and looked at others saying similar things. I have read about 5-6 articles saying OT is a low stress job. I have just taken my last final and my graduation issue got fixed, so as long as I get at least a C in everything I will be golden! Hope you are having as much luck.