Thursday, August 11, 2011

Attendance Policies

I have started to look over some of the syllabuses for my classes and as I have heard from other students there is an attendance policy. They explain that the attendance policy is in place because as professionals if we did not show up to work then you would be knocked down on a performance review or even fired. However, there are a lot of jobs where attendance at the workplace is not required as long as the work gets done. The policy just rubs me the wrong way because it does not allow me to make my own choices on whether I should attend class that day or not. Now I have always been a person to go class, so it is not an inconvenience just an irritation.

The other thing that surprised me was that I do not have a good idea of what most of the assignments are. I know they will be explained, but I had to stop looking because I was getting overwhelmed. It was just a reminder that not only will I be learning new material, but a different style is going to be used to teach it to me.

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