Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving and Hippotherapy

Still in the process of unpacking. I thought the unpacking would be easier than the packing, but man was I wrong. It is nice though to finally use all the furniture I purchased over the summer. The internet failed to install the first time, but if you are seeing this than it finally worked or I gave in and went to Starbucks. It is amazing how non-enticing my computer is without the internet. It probably is a blessing that the internet did not get installed correctly the first time because I probably focused more on unpacking.

On Sunday, I volunteered at my last hippotherapy session. It was bittersweet. I love the kids and the staff, but to be honest the horses still terrify me a little. There were no words that could say how much I thanked her. I gave her a gift of a puzzle, Target gift coins (that she could use as pirate booty) and buy stuff with, and an activity book that I created with stuff I had found on the internet. She says coming up with new activities is the hardest part. She really seemed to enjoy everything, so it was a spectacular way to end things. While I am going to miss it, I think I am ready to start on my new adventure of occupational therapy school. Speaking of which, I am about to head out to dinner with some girls in the program.

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