Sunday, August 14, 2011

Placebo Effect

So I found this fascinating video on the placebo effect through In web we trust (a site of geekery and science). Often many of the techniques that occupational therapists have not been scientifically proven to create a difference. That does not mean they do not work; it just means the technique has not been tested yet. It is hard for me at the moment to figure out how a placebo would work for occupational therapy. I believe most scientific journals currently compare a technique versus if no intervention was done or another technique working on the same thing to see what is better. We get our research group like the third week of class. I think I am the only person to get excited about research. I don't think I would want to do it as a career though. I could see myself having a research project on the side, but I don't think that is commonly done because research is so much work with getting the grants and finding test subjects.

Tomorrow is orientation. I am so ready to get this adventure on the road. I have meet some of my classmates throughout the week. We have been gathering information on the program. Each of us know little bits and pieces. It sounds like we getting a big (2nd year) to show us the ropes. It also sounds like our schedule is not set in stone, but changes a lot. Well in a few days all the gossip will become fact or fiction.

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