Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Note Writing

Lately, we have started writing notes for class. It is hard to write notes because right now we are evaluating typical people. You have to know what is typical before you can detect what is atypical. Setting goals and creating interventions for typical people is challenging. I like it though because it makes you think outside of the box. It also challenges my theory that everybody could benefit from having an OT. The other hard part is the notes we are writing are much longer than they will ever be in the clinic. This is because the professors what to know our entire thought process and observations, and they can only know that if we put it in the note. It's hard for me because I am more of a big-picture girl than a detail girl.

Tomorrow, I am going to a childcare center to evaluate a child using the Peabody. We have learned several assessments over the past couple of weeks. It makes this OT thing seem real. In the past, there have been a few kids get a real evaluation because of our results. I hope my kid is ready to be tested and do what I want. We are doing in pairs, so we have a little help in implementing. 

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