Sunday, October 2, 2011


The two big ways that occupational therapists gain information about their clients is through observation and interviews. Our professors have us interviewing so many different people this semester. It is really awkward. Part of the reason is normally we already know the people we are interviewing, even if just a tiny bit. That makes the introduction weird. It also makes it hard to ask the difficult questions, such as what was the hardest time in your life. I feel like that section would be difficult either way though. Most of these interviews are somewhat conversational, but not so much so that I can have a conversation like I normally would with the people I am interviewing. I am glad that our professors force us go out and perform interviews, even if it is on people we know. It is so much harder than it seems. It is also super rewarding because I am learning things about these people that I would not have otherwise. It is also surprising to learn how many different kinds of interview there are. Who would have imagined?

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