Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fieldwork and Burnout

Yesterday we got to chose where we are going for fieldwork. They had roughly fifty locations for the forty students to choose from. The first fieldwork is only a week long, which means I was willing to try anything. Going in I really did not want to stay local and I wanted to work with adults because that is an experience I have not had. I ended up staying near school (there was nothing worth paying for a hotel or near family) and I am working with adults. There will also be two other students with me. Overall, I am super excited even though it is well over a month away. My facility also has a psych ward, but I was told we probably would not see that this fieldwork. It was a nerve-racking process, as our names were getting pulled out. However, even though I was 35/38 I am happy with my selection. It was one of my top three, so that goes to show you that everybody wants something different.

Some burnout has started to settle in. I think everybody is ready for a break. Most of the schools we went to for undergrad have fall break around this time, but not this year. This week doesn't have a lot going on, so tonight is my somewhat chill night. Some of the burnout is my fault. I thought the first month would be how it would be all semester, so I took on more volunteering than I probably should have this semester. Just doing two out of three would be plenty. I also need to say no to social things occasionally. It is hard to say no because you know people will be talking about it the next day at class, and I want to get to know everybody, but there is plenty of time. I just need to readjust my balance. School is wonderful though, and I am learning tons.

We did have our first practical this week. We had to rank part of the FIMs, but the video did not work, so we will do it on Monday. We also had to administer part of the KELs to another classmate. It was easy because no classmate wanted throw off another classmate. The hardest part was introducing myself to the "client". The other hard part was the professor asked our "client" to ask what was occupational therapy was. I can explain it in general, but it is different in a clinical situation. 

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