Thursday, September 22, 2011

Burns and Theories

Tomorrow we have a poster presentation due. We are in groups of four, and each group chose a different setting in which occupational therapists practice. My group has burns. This was never a setting that entered my imagination when I applied to be an OT, and it only came into my awareness when someone asked about it at one of my interviews. Since then, the burns setting has been brought up a few times in different contexts. What I have learned is that burn therapists are involved in creating splints, scar massage, and increasing range of motion, but they also play an important role in the mental processes of pain management and re-entering the social context. I came across some really interesting articles studying how music therapy and virtual reality can help with pain management. Another part of the project is about cultural awareness in burns. We learned that people with cognitive issues are more likely to receive burns; therefore, prevention measures may need to be improved in those areas. So far one group project done with little drama.

We are also stating to delve into some OT theories. The hardest thing about studying the theories is they seem like common sense even though they are not. They are also very similar to each other. We have to make a theory chart. I like it as an assignment because it will force me to recognize the differences and what makes each unique.

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