Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time to Stay Motivated

This upcoming week is going to be a little bit rough. We have our first test, 2 papers due, an activity analysis, and an interview do. Luckily, we were suppose to have a Friday test, but it got pushed back a week. It is not quite as overwhelming as it sounds because the papers are 2 pages double spaced reflections. I already have one of them done as well as the activity analysis.

The activity analysis was for an activity that we taught another classmate. I taught a friend to French braid and she taught me the dance "The Wobble". That is what my grad school money is going to there. I had a hard time teaching her to French braid because I didn't have a doll to teach on or for her to practice. That meant she practiced on my head, so that I couldn't see what she was doing and offer feedback. It might have been a mixed blessing though because I can't sit on my hands when I see someone has issues.

Also, earlier today was Miracle League, which is an adaptive non-competitive baseball team. It was so much fun and there were a variety of children. It was a good start to Saturday. However, I believe my apartment is infested with bed bugs or fleas. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I have so many bug bites just on my feet. I can't get pest control to come out until Monday, so good thing I have made some friends!

I have a couple of website that give me a good chuckle and remind me that my life isn't so bad. You should look at them when you are having a rough week, but be careful some of them are highly addictive and you might lose hours that you couldn't afford.

Cake Wrecks: Offers commentary on cakes that went wrong
Little Things: Everyday activities that remind you to smile
Not Always Right: Horror customer care stories

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