Sunday, September 18, 2011

Professional Wardrobe

This week we had our first test. I feel like I know the material, but I need to practice in reading the questions carefully. Lesson learned. We also started talking about fieldwork. In a couple weeks we will choose where we go for our first level I fieldwork. They say there are a lot of choices for this fieldwork, so lets hope I get something I like and that is a new experience.

Also upcoming, is baby day. Baby day is where different families are recruited to bring in their babies for us to observe. I just finished making my reflex  cheat sheet. However, this is the first time we will have to dress professionally for class. Professional, meaning something along the line of khakis and polos. I personally like to have a little spunk in my clothes. Usually, this is done through jewelry, but jewelry can get in the way. Polos are suggested because when the therapist bends over no one can see down their shirt. While, I don't mind polos; they are not my favorite. I went looking for other professional tops that are not so nice that I would mind them getting ruined, but nice enough to be considered professional. Under those requirements I could find quite a few, but if I had to bend over you were going to see down my shirt. I ended up finding something that could work, but an occupational therapist's professional wardrobe is harder to build than I originally thought.

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