Sunday, September 4, 2011

Group Projects

We have so many groups assigned to us currently that I had to start keeping a list of them in the front of my binder. Some of them are short-term group projects, others are long-term, and some are just classwork groups for the semester. It is good the groups keep on changing because you learn about the other students, but it is overwhelming to keep track of. So far the groups have worked out well, but most of the projects have not been started. In the classroom groups, they require us to assign roles to each person that they have pre-created. Nobody ever really sticks to the roles unless they are the writer. This week's highlights have been practicing taking blood pressure, and going over the framework some more. The excitement has worn off a little bit, and the work has settled in. That isn't a complaint; just a change in mindset. I think I need to take a good look at the calendar and start getting to work on a few things before the due date hits me.

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  1. I just stated too. Mine doesn't seem so fun.